AIDA Cloud

General features

Unique OCR technology that trains with a single document

AIDA uses a Small Data approach: this means that learning occurs with a single document.

Its innovative Hybrid AI engine does not need to be pre-trained: training exists, but it is not a separate process and merges with the daily life of yours document flows, working behind the scenes.

It works with any type of document and on any possible correction, so when documents change, AIDA will learn from one single correction.

Automatic and adaptable fields extraction from any document

AIDA's interface allows learning with a simple click on the field you need to extract from the document.

You don't have to define rules, design templates, or create complicated configurations: you will be guided step by step, without the need for technical knowledge, to be able to benefit from AIDA automations immediately.

Remember also that you can change the configuration at any time: AIDA adapts itself to you, not the other way around.


Documents format handling

AIDA supports all the most popular input file formats and converts them to PDF automatically.

You can choose to upload a single document or image, or even a ZIP archive.

Also, you can use the Mobile App, send an email, or use one of the supported platforms, without having to write any line of code.


Anomaly detection and data lookup

For even greater control and precision over the extracted data, AIDA offers you anomaly detection and Lookup.

With the anomaly detection, AIDA automatically analyzes, in the background, the trend over time of all the extracted fields and can therefore highlight any inconsistencies in the data or inaccuracies in OCR reading.

The Lookup, on the other hand, enables auto-completion, normalization and validation of the extracted values, based on data you have already validated which can also be Excel tables, or other documents that precede, chronologically, the document under analysis.


AIDA ecosystem

AIDA is a complete ecosystem.

It is accessible from the web or from the dedicated Mobile App.

Thanks to many Inputs and Destinations and the application for Xerox® MFPs ConnectKey® it integrates with your world easily and, above all, without the need to write any line of code.

Automated digital mailroom solution

The protocol number feature allows you to automatically apply an incremental and unique protocol number to documents in transit.

If you want, it can also be printed as a barcode on the document itself.

Thanks to the integrations, AIDA can become your digital mailroom for the automatic sorting of all incoming communications, whether paper or digital and more.



AIDA connects with your world
AIDA Link - Connect on-premise resources
AIDA Team - Collaborate on documents
AIDA Webhook - Rest API client
Apple iOS
Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft SharePoint
Google Drive
Dolibarr ERP/CRM
Xerox DocuShare
Xerox DocuShare Flex
Xerox DocuShare Flex
Xerox devices

AIDA organizes Your private and working life, transforming your documents into useful data for You.

Learning is simple, natural and automatic, requiring neither technical or specialized knowledge nor the ability to write code.

So why not let your new personal assistant pamper you?