Relations - Knowledge Graph

Revolutionize document management with relations-based browsing

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, AIDA's document relations feature identifies and automatically links relevant documents based on field values or full-text content.

This powerful solution allows you to create relation chains of any length, involving multiple document types, significantly enhancing your document management process.

By generating a comprehensive knowledge Graph, AIDA enables your business to access vital information quickly and accurately, streamlining your workflow and promoting data-driven decisions.

Relations - Knowledge Graph

Experience revolutionary document browsing with AIDA's relation-based navigation

AIDA's relation-based document browsing is a game-changer in the world of document management.

By focusing on the relationships between documents, AIDA completely redefines the way users navigate and access information, making it significantly more efficient and user-friendly compared to traditional folder-based systems.

Take, for example, an organization that deals with a high volume of invoices, purchase orders, and contracts.

In a conventional folder-based system, these documents might be stored in separate folders, making it difficult and time-consuming to locate and analyze the relationships between them. With AIDA's relation-based browsing, you can easily navigate from an invoice to its corresponding purchase order and contract, providing a clear overview of the interconnected data.

Relations - Knowledge Graph

Uncover valuable connections between documents

Discover the next generation of document management with AIDA's document relation feature, which intelligently connects documents based on extracted field values, full-text OCR content, or manual association.

This groundbreaking functionality enables the creation of knowledge graphs that accurately represent real-world business workflows, steps, and timing requirements, providing unprecedented insight into your organization's information flow.

Unleash the full potential of your documents and optimize your business processes with AIDA's document relation feature, which streamlines document management and harnesses the power of knowledge graphs for more informed decision-making.

Relations - Knowledge Graph

Optimize workflows with AIDA's relation chains

Experience unparalleled flexibility and customization with AIDA's document relation feature, which allows you to create relation chains of any length and involving any number of document types.

This adaptability ensures seamless integration into your existing business workflows, accurately reflecting each step and their timing requirements for a more efficient document management experience.

Maximize the value of your documents and enhance your organization's workflows with AIDA's versatile relation chains, which enable you to establish meaningful connections between documents based on their content or extracted field values.

Relations - Knowledge Graph

Complete performance and scalability with AIDA's state-of-the-art graph database

AIDA's document relation feature is powered by a state-of-the-art specialized Graph database, providing exceptional performance and scalability when managing complex document relationships.

The use of a Graph database for managing document relations offers significant advantages over traditional relational (SQL-based) or non-relational (NoSQL) databases: while these rely on predefined structures and tables, Graph databases excel in handling complex, interconnected data by storing relationships as first-class entities.

This flexibility allows AIDA to map intricate document relationships and workflows more naturally, leading to faster query performance and greater scalability.

By embracing the potential of Graph database technology, AIDA empowers your organization to optimize document management processes and uncover valuable insights across various business workflows.