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Intelligent and adaptive document processing

AIDA is the most advanced intelligent document process solution on the market, it makes your tasks with documents easy and affordable.
It's able to learn, with a simple point and click UI, how to extract any field from any document, after just a single document.
It then makes the data available to enable automatic archiving, tasks management and Knowledge Graph (relations between documents).

AIDA geometric pattern
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 document types
A document type is simply a configuration for a set of fields that you want to be extracted from a document. It is not related to the document layout, source or format, so you can process multiple documents with a single configuration.
A property is a configuration for a field that can be trained to be extracted from unlimited documents. No templating and no batches of training documents are needed: all you need to do is click on the value on the document, and AIDA will learn, after only one document.
Configuration in AIDA is straightforward and no-code, and you don't need any special knowledge. You will be guided into creating your configuration for any document, to be productive and start saving time from the first hour of use.
AIDA works with any document, because it doesn't make any assumption by them. Its Hybrid-AI engine enables field extraction to be taught after just a single document.
Real, verified statistics

Time saved

Thanks to its automations and the learning after a single document, AIDA allows enormous time savings compared to traditional manual data-entry

Productivity boost

AIDA enables users to do more work in less time, thanks to the ease of configuration and training.


Obtaining high Return on Investment is natural with AIDA: this is the average that its users have reached after 3 months of use, with guidance from our Onboarding team.
AIDA geometric pattern
AIDA geometric pattern
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AIDA geometric pattern