Intelligent and adaptive document processing

AIDA is the industry-leading solution for intelligent document processing.

Making document management effortless and affordable, AIDA revolutionizes how you interact with your documents.

Leveraging a user-friendly point-and-click interface, AIDA learns to extract any field from any document after seeing just one example.
Enables you to automate archiving, task management, and Knowledge Graph creation to reveal valuable connections between documents and drive your organization's efficiency and insights.

Step into the future of document processing with AIDA.

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AIDA document types
document types
A document type is simply a configuration for a set of fields that you want to be extracted from a document. It is not related to the document layout, source or format, so you can process multiple documents with a single configuration.
AIDA properties - extracted fields
A property is a configuration for a field that can be trained to be extracted from unlimited documents. No templating and no batches of training documents are needed: all you need to do is click on the value on the document, and AIDA will learn, after only one document.
AIDA eases configuration
Configuration in AIDA is straightforward and no-code, and you don't need any special knowledge. You will be guided into creating your configuration for any document, to be productive and start saving time from the first hour of use.
AIDA saves time
AIDA excels in working with any document, as it refrains from making assumptions about their content or structure. Its innovative Hybrid-AI engine empowers users by allowing field extraction to be efficiently taught after processing merely a single document.

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AIDA saves time (image)
AIDA saves time (icon)

Time saved

Thanks to its automations and the learning after a single document, AIDA allows enormous time savings compared to traditional manual data-entry
AIDA increases productivity (image)
AIDA increases productivity (icon)

Productivity boost

AIDA enables users to do more work in less time, thanks to the ease of configuration and training.
AIDA returns its investment (image)
AIDA returns its investment (icon)


Obtaining high Return on Investment is natural with AIDA: this is the average that its users have reached after 3 months of use, with guidance from our Onboarding team.

AIDA is your business's intelligent solution for document management. From invoices and contracts to essential correspondence, AIDA digitizes and extracts valuable data, integrating seamlessly into your systems.

With no need for technical knowledge, AIDA's user-friendly interface enhances efficiency within your organization. Tailored for enterprise users, AIDA streamlines operations, automating tasks, and revealing insights.

Embrace the future of document management without coding. Let AIDA, your intelligent business assistant, elevate your organization today.


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TCLab’s AIDA document capture product contains innovative features that set it apart, including its hybrid approach combining AI with no-code templating.

We particularly liked its pragmatic, hybrid approach to capture and automation that does not rely solely on AI but combines the best of both worlds: templating (albeit simple, no code) and AI.

The result is a system that can be deployed quickly and can handle a wide array of document types with minimal effort.