Xerox® ConnectKey® Application

Empower your Xerox® device with Artificial Intelligence

Unlock the power of your documents with AIDA, the one-click solution for document automation on Xerox® ConnectKey® devices.

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, AIDA not only digitizes your documents but also extracts key information like dates, addresses, and barcodes.

Streamline your workflow, send data to various platforms, and evolve AIDA into your personal or business assistant.

Download AIDA ConnectKey® App from the Xerox® App Gallery.


Simplicity and security

Safe and easy matching of the Xerox® ConnectKey® device to the AIDA account with QR code, thus eliminating the hassle of entering a username and / or password every time.

1-touch speed

A single tap to load documents into AIDA reduces user time and the chance of error.

Split & batch functionality also allows you to automatically load and split an entire batch of documents into individual documents using the maximum capacity of the automatic document feeder.


Lookup on the touchscreen

You can input relevant document information directly from the Xerox® ConnectKey® device display via the safety of lookup, with filters and searches on the data manually imported or automatically learned from AIDA.


Often the information to identify a document is not printed directly on it.

AIDA recognizes one-dimensional barcodes, QR codes or other types based on international standards, and automatically links missing information to the document.



Any operation you do on your AIDA account, such as configuring a new document type with its property set, is immediately visible to all Xerox® ConnectKey® devices linked, anywhere in the world.