Revolutionize document management: unleash data-driven efficiency with AIDA's advanced document and email management

AIDA is the ultimate solution for streamlining your document and email management, revolutionizing the way you work.

Our advanced system not only automates processes related to archiving, searching, and extracting data from documents, but it also extends to email management.
AIDA converts your emails into documents, further simplifying the organization of your data and ensuring significant time savings.

With powerful features like automatic document renaming and hierarchical folder creation, intelligent and flexible data extraction, barcode and QR code recognition, and automated digital mailroom capabilities, AIDA ensures an organized and easily accessible document archive.


Automatic document archive based on fields

AIDA automatically renames your documents and creates hierarchical folder trees, based on your rules.

You can use the values ​​of the fields from the documents to compose the file name useful for archiving the documents according to your preferences, for each of the possible integrations.

Since the extraction of values ​​is simple and immediate, so is having an orderly and accessible document archive.

Smart and flexible fields extraction

Fields extraction in AIDA is already trained in 1 click/1 document, but the smart properties are even more powerful.

These allow extraction without any learning for many formats such as IBANs, dates, email addresses, company names...

Effortless, fully automated extraction for large and small volumes is thus possible regardless of the type of document chosen.


Barcode and qrcode reader

AIDA recognizes and extracts values ​​from documents for many Barcode formats (EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-14, UPC-A, JAN, ISBN-10, ISBN-13, ISSN, Code 39, Code 128, PZN) and QRCode.

Extraction is automatic and requires no prior training.

Automatic split of multiple documents

The automatic page separation divides multi-document files, such as those scanned in bundles from a scanner's automatic feeder, into individual documents.

The separation is based on intelligent document recognition, whereby it automatically adjusts and works independently of the number of pages of each individual document.

There are no limits: many or few pages, scan your bundle or upload your file and AIDA will extract the individual documents for you.


Specialized engine for table data extraction

Extracting fields from a table is simple and requires nothing more than a click on the first row.

AIDA will locate subsequent lines, even across multiple pages, and provide you with the values ​​of any properties you have configured for extraction.

Thanks to the lookup, relationships and cross-checking, the validation of each single line against the document totals is automatic and transparent.

Automated digital mailroom solution

The protocol number feature allows you to automatically apply an incremental and unique protocol number to documents in transit.

If you want, it can also be printed as a barcode on the document itself.

Thanks to the integrations, AIDA can become your digital mailroom for the automatic sorting of all incoming communications, whether paper or digital and more.


Stay in control of your documents

AIDA supports notifications via email and mobile push, which are fully configurable.

While working silently in the background, it only alerts you if some event needs your attention, such as a field read with low confidence.

The history panel shows all aspects of the life of the document, where it's coming from, where it has gone.

AIDA works for you, not vice versa.

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