Experience a new way to interact with documents with AIDA-GPT chat

Take your document management to the next level with AIDA-GPT, the revolutionary chat-based tool that transforms how you interact with your documents. With AIDA-GPT, you can navigate through documents, extract information, and generate content with ease, all in a fully immersive chat environment that saves you valuable time and resources.

AIDA-GPT's innovative features include Document Chat, which lets you conduct conversations on a single or multiple documents, Quick Commands for executing complex tasks with a single click, content generation for automating repetitive tasks, and Graphs that provide a comprehensive visualization of your data. Experience a new way to approach document management with AIDA-GPT and unlock new insights from your data today.


Revolutionize information retrieval with document chat

Immerse yourself in the future of document navigation with AIDA-GPT's Document Chat. This feature allows you to conduct conversations on single or multiple documents, presenting a groundbreaking way to extract contextually precise information that transcends traditional boundaries of data extraction.

Instead of combing through entire documents, simply ask direct questions and receive instant answers, all in the full context of your document's data.

Enhance productivity with quick commands

Unlock the full potential of your document management system with AIDA-GPT's Quick Commands. These features enable you to perform complex tasks on multiple documents at once such as summarizing, translating, creating complex financial reports, finding differences and more, with a single click.

Quick Commands are more than just a tool: they are your personal assistant in navigating through the extensive world of document data.


Automate content creation

Unleash the power of automation with AIDA-GPT's content generation feature. This game-changing tool automates repetitive tasks, helping you focus on high-value activities by auto-generating various content from your documents.

From drafting contract terminations to creating personalized customer communications, AIDA-GPT handles it all with ease. Need to produce multiple invoices or project updates? Let AIDA-GPT do the work, saving you valuable time and boosting your productivity.

Visualize your data with AIDA-GPT's graphs

AIDA-GPT's Graph feature brings a new dimension to your data by creating visual representations of your information. It provides an intuitive and user-friendly way to understand your data, making it an essential tool for any business.

The Graph feature is a powerful tool that goes beyond visualization, all within a simple chat request. By combining graphs with comprehensive document data, users can now unlock hidden insights and uncover valuable trends that may not be immediately apparent on the documents themselves.